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For all vegan visitors, we had separate category with amazing menu including delicious dishes. Explore the vegan recipe page and choose your today’s recipe.



This is the separate corner for the chocolate addicts. The amazing choco recipes includes many deserts, smoothies and cakes. Check out our chocoland.


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Banana Bread Recipe | Banana Bread easy recipe | Bread Recipes

Choco Recipe

Banana Bread

This is Banana Bread easy Recipe to make it at your home with delicious taste and texture. One of the most loved Bread recipe, the Banana Bread recipe is light & healthy. We recommend walnuts in Banana Bread recipe but if you don’t want to use then you can skip them.


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Veg & Non Veg

Mexican Tacos are one of the most loved food in whole America and also around the world now days.


Chicken Hakka Noodles are delicious and easy to made at Home. Check this out.


Ramen Noodles are very popular noodle dishes in all around the world, specially in Japan.


Fried Rice Recipe is all about its flavors and ingredients, just to prepare a delicious Thai Fried Rice Recipe,


Roasted veggie pasta recipe is one of my favorite in all pasta types. Loaded with the goodness of vegetables,


Spaghetti is just a type of pasta with thin cylindrical large shape. It is one the most loved type of pasta.


Sweet & sour

Cocktail & Mocktail

Best Pina Colada Recipe to give you the taste like it was prepare by the chef.


This is refreshing and tasty Purple Punch Mocktail to enjoy the moments.

Wayfarers health goth.

Here is the Lime Ginger Mocktail with a tangy taste and refreshing feel during summers.